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How do we deal with an accidental flocculant spill?

Flocculants are polymers that are mainly used in the treatment of wastewater containing suspended particles. During a spill, the ground surface soiled by flocculants becomes extremely slippery. If cleaning is not carried out perfectly, mere contact with water can cause a serious fall hazard. In this article, discover the nature of flocculants, where they are used and our spill management advice.  

Laboratory – Avoid tissue injuries

Tissue injury from contact with chemicals is preventable. Use of appropriate engineering and procedural controls and using personal protective equipment (“PPE”) properly is essential. Here are some ideas to help you prevent injuries.

The Occupational Health Nurse and risk assessment

Risk assessment for chemicals is a prerequisite prior to any risk prevention programme in general. It should lead to the construction of preventive actions plan which will find its rightful place in the Occupational Health Nurse’s ‘OHN’ project approach.