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Water-Jel compress

The Water-Jel® compress

An employee affected by a thermal burn will immediately feel intense pain. This sensation is caused by the energy of the heat deployed on the affected surface of the human body. The emergency treatment of thermal injuries requires that the victims not be undressed. Indeed, thermal injuries in industrial environments can be divided into 3 types of lesions, superficial, medium and deep. Indeed, without undressing the rescuer cannot evaluate the type of the lesion. How can the victim be transported to treatment and limit his pain without a chemical analgesic?

The care of an employee affected by a thermal burn must be rapid in order to limit the pain and after-effects. The employee must be preserved by removing the pain while not exposing him/her to hypothermia. To be effective, a source of coolant that can be applied quickly and without complications for the employee is required. Water-Jel® solves these problems. By being applied, this product will capture the heat deployed by the thermal pain while protecting the affected employee from the cold. superficial thermal injury. To be able to make a wet bandage in order to relieve the pain and resume his activity. Deep thermal injury To be able to cover the thermal injury(ies) in order to relieve pain and facilitate the transport of the victim.

Benefits to the user:

  • Stops the pain
  • Stops the progression of heat
  • Stabilizes skin temperature
  • Keeps the appearance of the burn intact
  • Protects from the outside environment
  • Prevents adhesion to the skin
  • Eases the removal of clothing stuck to the skin
  • Limits the risk of hypothermia.

Burn and Cover Case: The different sizes of pads in the range allow for the treatment of all body surfaces plus a face mask. For an isolated employee in maintenance or ambulant on sites without water and exposed to the risk of thermal injuries.

How does it work?

The Water-Jel® allows an exchange of energy between the burn and the gel, thus cooling the injured skin. The temperature of the gel then rises and does not evaporate. On the other hand, the Water-Jel® avoids the mechanical pain caused by the water jet. This solution thus replaces four products normally used for this type of situation: the extinguishing blanket, the cooling means, the sterile compresses and the protective cover that avoids hypothermic shock. It is a sterile and hypotonic solution that creates pain relief thanks to its three physical and not chemical factors.

In fact, Water-Jel® allows the treatment of a thermal injury by creating a thermal and osmotic balance as well as a microbial barrier during transport.


In the treatment of superficial thermal lesions (the most numerous in industrial environments). The 10X10 Water-Jel® compresses will cover the lesion after washing the damaged surface. By keeping this waterproof dressing in place, it will stop the pain and reduce blistering while limiting the depth of the lesion.