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Diphoterine® All-in-one case

Why should you keep a variety of rinsing solutions to address a chemical accident?

Easily transported and identifiable, the case on wheels allows full body rinsing for a worker following a chemical accident involving a chemical product. With several different containers of Diphoterine® solution, including a DAP (5 litres), an LPMD eyewash (500 ml), and a Mini DAP aerosol (200 ml) to wash a hand or a face.

How does it work?

The physical and chemical properties of Diphoterine® solution allow mobile packaging for rinsing in the event of chemical splash on humans in any situation.

Four characteristics give it its activity on chemical splashes:

  • Diphoterine® solution is versatile
  • Diphoterine® solution is liquid
  • Diphoterine® solution limits the chemical’s penetration
  • Diphoterine® solution stops the chemical’s aggressiveness


• Contains:

o A portable shower (DAP 5 litres) for full body rinsing
o Two 500 ml bottles (LPMD) of Diphoterine® solution intended for eye rinsing
o One 200 ml Mini DAP of Diphoterine® solution to decontaminate small splashes to the skin (equivalent to a face or an arm)
o One bottle of Afterwash II® solution: isotonic solution to be used after rinsing with Diphoterine®Hexafluorine® solution to return to physiological osmotic pressure or for rinsing in the event of a non-chemical foreign body

• Transportable
• Sterile
• Class 2A medical device
• Complies with standard EN 15154-3 and EN 15154-4
CE marking compliance
• Available in fixed and heated version

>> See the ALL-IN-ONE CASE technical data sheet