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Diphotérine Afterwash


How can you regain comfortable vision after a chemical splash to the eye and intensive rinsing with DIPHOTERINE® solution?

To be applied after DIPHOTERINE®, Prevor’s AFTERWASH II® promotes a return to normal for the eye, with the aim of providing optimal comfort, it decreases the residual sensation and avoids eye rubbing after a chemical splash.

How does it work?

The physical and chemical properties of DIPHOTERINE® solution allow mobile packaging for rinsing in the event of chemical splash on humans in any situation.

Four characteristics give it its activity on chemical splashes:

DIPHOTERINE® solution is versatile
DIPHOTERINE® solution is liquid
DIPHOTERINE® solution limits the chemical’s penetration
DIPHOTERINE® solution stops the chemical’s aggressiveness
DIPHOTERINE® solution: why is it so effective against chemical burns?


• Isotonic solution
• To use after rinsing with DIPHOTERINE®HEXAFLUORINE® solution to return to physiological osmotic pressure or for rinsing in case of a non-chemical foreign body
• Sterile
• Complies with standard EN 15154-4;
CE marking compliance


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