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In the course of maintenance work, substances found in production facilities, such as storage, refrigeration and waste treatment facilities, can expose personnel to chemical hazards. In addition, certain tasks are carried out by external companies, which may bring incompatible chemicals on site. Depending on the layout of the facility, maintenance may be carried out at height, which presents a new problem: the employee in charge of maintenance may find themselves isolated, and therefore in the event of an accident, it becomes more difficult to take care of them.

The most common risk faced by subcontractors is the maintenance of pipes and valves. Indeed, it is frequent that some residue remains in the pipes or that a leak occurs when a valve is dismantled. In this case, the employee may be contaminated by any type of irritating or corrosive substance. These substances may include hydrofluoric acid, which presents a greater risk as a corrosive agent. It is therefore necessary to find solutions to preserve and protect these employees in the best possible way.

The employee must decontaminate themselves quickly, even if they cannot see or move. The pain associated with the contact of the chemical with the eye or skin is also a burden. It is necessary to act efficiently and quickly.

If isolated from the rest of the employees, the person affected by a chemical product must be able to wash themselves autonomously, even if they are hindered (pain, substance present in the eyes.) They need an effective rinsing solution that is mobile and within reach against all irritating or corrosive chemicals as well as an effective solution against hydrofluoric acid (HF).

Advantages of the Diphoterine® solution for this sector

  1. Wash anywhere
  2. Quick intervention
  3. Unique protocol
  4. Fast and serene reaction
  5. Soothes the pain
  6. An effective solution against all types of chemical substances
  7. A reliable wash for any injuries
  8. The Hexafluorine® solution for the handling of HF splashes