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Hexafluorine® Wall-mounted station

An adequate solution to stop the pain!

On the site of a company using hydrofluoric acid, employees are exposed even if they have personal protective equipment. This chemical is corrosive, a projection in the eyes is painful, can prevent from reaching a washing point to perform an immediate rinsing and represents a real danger of eye injury. It is also toxic, and even a small amount of hydrofluoric acid can lead to cardiac dysfunction.

It is necessary to provide the employee with an effective solution that will act quickly on the chemical present in the eyes in order to reduce the pain associated with it and to prevent the chemical reaction with the ocular tissues. When the accident occurs, it is necessary to be able to provide this solution to the affected employee in order not to lose time. A safe and easily applicable product will simplify the first emergency.

Benefits for the user:

  • Speed of intervention
  • Decreases severity
  • Increases intervention time
  • Simplifies the emergency
  • Relieves the victim
  • Can be used on damaged eyes and skin
  • Mobility
  • Decreases maintenance costs

How does it work?

Hexafluorine® solution is a liquid that removes by entrainment the aggressive chemical remaining on the surface.

The Hexafluorine® solution is hypertonic.

The properties of the Hexafluorine® solution allow it to stop very quickly and simultaneously the aggressiveness of acid ions (H+) and fluorine ions (F).

It is the combination of these different properties that allows the Hexafluorine® solution used immediately after the accident to decontaminate the hydrofluoric acid splashes in an optimal way and thus avoid the terrible after-effects too often observed during this type of splashes (amputation, major surgery or even death of the accident victim by cardiac arrest).

Prevor products do not contain any phosphates.

The presence of phosphates in a solution prevents its use on certain products (e.g. lime, cement, etc…). Certain studies have shown that side effects due to phosphates can occur in some cases. Prevor in its desire for universality has always worked without phosphates.


  • Fixed and easily identifiable.
  • Easy to use and ready to use.
  • Allows quick action without assistance.
  • Allows to wash 2 eyes.
  • Allows to store one tube of calcium gluconate.
  • Gentle, pressureless and self-contained washing.
  • Sterile solution.
  • Easy control of washing efficiency: total and unique use of each package.
  • Easy and modular installation.
  • Watertight case, meets industrial hygiene and cleanliness constraints.
  • Refillable with the possibility of a maintenance contract.
  • No particular maintenance and no particular installation (no need for supply or evacuation, piping or valve, no more leakage problems, …).
  • Complies with the EN 15154-4 standard.
  • CE approved

>> See the WALL-MOUNTED STATION technical data sheet

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