HEXAFLUORINE® solution Wall-mounted Station - LMPE.FA

How to use the HEXAFLUORINE® solution Wall-mounted Station

HEXAFLUORINE® solution Wall-mounted Station


  • Fixed and easily identifiable.
  • Easy and ready to use.
  • Allows quick action without assistance.
  • 2 eyes can be washed.
    1 calcium gluconate tube can be stored.
  • Gentle washing without pressure. Autonomous system.
  • Sterile solution.
  • Easy control of the washing effectiveness: Use each single packaging in its entirety.
  • Easy and adaptable installation.
  • Watertight, in accordance with industrial hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Without special care and without special installation (no need for electricity or evacuation, pipe or valve,no more leakage problems...).
  • In conformity with EN 15454-4.
  • EC certification


Supplier PREVOR
Moulin de Verville
95760 Valmondois
Size Height: 420 mm
Width: 330 mm
Capacity 2 x 500 ml (LPMF) - HEXAFLUORINE® solution eyewash
1 x 200 ml (LOA) - AFTERWASHII® solution eyewash

Optionnal :
1 calcium gluconate gel 25 g.
Reference : LMPE.FACA
Shelf-life 2 years.

HEXAFLUORINE® solution, AFTERWASHII® solution.
Optionnal :
1 calcium gluconate gel 25 g.

Reference : LMPE.FACA
calcium gluconat

Use Up to 2 eyes.
Maximum time of use recommended 1 minute maximum.