Cutaneous washing with Hexafluorine® solution's showers

HEXAFLUORINE® solution Autonomous Portable Shower - DAPF

In case of cutaneous splash of hydrofluoric acid or fluorides in acidic medium, rinsing with HEXAFLUORINE® solution as soon as possible is crucial.


  • The HEXAFLUORINE® solution DAP autonomous portable shower must be installed in a place so close to the potential splash hazard that they can be triggered in the first minute following an accident.
  • The HEXAFLUORINE® solution DAP (DAPF) allows the rinsing of a complete body, with intervention within the first minute following the accident.
  • The DAPF can be protected and easily identifiable indoors if installed in a specific box or outdoors in a protective unit for extreme cold.
  • DAPF product characteristics

HEXAFLUORINE® solution DAPs can be used in the following conditions

  • In unloading areas for hydrofluoric acid,
  • In laboratories,
  • Next to stripping baths,
  • Carried around by maintenance staff, in non hazardous areas,
  • In first-aid rooms, in order to perform additional rinsing, in case of late use on the accident scene…

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