E.on, Åbyverket, Örebro

Auteur(s) : Mikael Norell, Chemical Engineer
Date : 2010-06-04 - Type de produit dangereux : Sodium Hydroxide

E.on, Åbyverket, Örebro

Incident with Sodium Hydroxide at the unloading In October 2008, in connection with the unloading of concentrated Soda (50% NaOHsolution) a tank truck driver got several litres of caustic chemicals on his leg, when he loosed a hose that was not completely emptied. Under routine is always personnel from the operating department currently with a DAP of DIPHOTERINE® solution during the unloading of chemicals, and he saw what happened and intervened immediately by spraying the driver's legs with the DIPHOTERINE® solution. First, the driver didn’t want to have any “modernity’s” and was looking for water hose to rinse with, but was persuaded to allow him to be sprayed with the DIPHOTERINE® solution instead. The DIPHOTERINE® solution is undeniably much more efficient than water, as the driver to his surprise soon came to notice, and he was completely without erosions which would otherwise be the inevitable end. The driver was also a bit contaminated with Soda on his hands and found that with the DIPHOTERINE® solution the “soapy” feeling that Soda gives disappeared in a moment. Otherwise, he was accustomed to having to wash with plain water for at least 10-15 minutes before it feels dry again after Soda spills on the skin. At the Thermal Power Plants there is DAP container placed where bulk chemicals handled and any person working or staying in environments where this chemical is wearing a personal eye rinse (SIEW) if an accident should occur.

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