Munich Firemen - extract translated in english

(...) Hans Meissner (a well-known German television presenter): What you see is a re-enactment of an accident, an exercise, but what you see there can happen every day. The container of the chemical was damaged while being unloaded, and the contents, for example a base or acid, spilled on the ground. The person, who works in the warehouse has been splashed and seriously burned by a chemical, the name of which I do not know. As a first-aid worker, I should call the fire department. Fritz Herzog is, among other things, in charge of chemical risk training for the Munich fire department and he is going to tell us what they do in such cases. But, before the arrival of the fire-fighters, one can already take action. Mr. Herzog, what should the emergency first-aid workers do when faced with such an accident? Munich fire-fighter: It is best that the first-aid worker wash the injured person with a portable shower such as this one containing the PREVIN solution (the DIPHOTERINE® solution). This solution prevents the corrosive substance from spreading to other parts of the body. Hans Meissner: And then, your team arrives. What do they do? (...)