Bomb disposal expert from Arras (62) - France

Auteur(s) : Christophe Reyne,
Date : 2008-06-30 -

Source : France 5 – 30/06/2008 – Magazine de la santé ([Health Magazine] - a French television show dedicated to health issues) Christophe Reyne, bomb disposal expert with the Civil Defense department of the French army in Arras (62) - France (Voice-over): “This is why the bomb disposal experts are never separated from their survival kit.” C. Reyne: “Here is a gas mask. So, we have the DIPHOTERINE® solution if there is a chemical on the skin. This will be used for imprisoning the toxic substance, in particular mustard gas, and preventing it from entering into the tissue. There is also an eye wash, also filled with the DIPHOTERINE® solution, which is used in the event of a chemical splash in the eyes. ”