Aussedat Rey - Concentrated soda

Auteur(s) : B. SAIMAN,
Date : 1995-05-10 - Type de produit dangereux : Concentrated soda

Aussedat Rey - Concentrated soda

A trainee let a bottle of concentrated soda fall and therefore it splashed on his face, right arm and foot. The DIPHOTERINE® solution in spray is immediately sprayed on the face and arm. 15 minutes later the trainee went and saw the nurse who noticed that soda had penetrated inside the shoe. The nurse spraid the DIPHOTERINE® solution directly on the foot. It resulted to redness of first degree burn on the face and the arm but a second degree burn on the foot. It is obvious that not having used the DIPHOTERINE® solution would have entailed third degree burns. In addition, the late application of the DIPHOTERINE® solution on the foot explains the seriousness of the burn.

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