The TRIVOREX® powder : Safety and efficacy of a neutralizer and absorbent for chemical spreading and

Auteur(s) : F. Burgher, C. Godard, H. Coudouel, L. Mathieu,
Date : 2006-03-01 -

Type: Poster Language: English Source: Presented to the SOT Congress (Society Of Toxicology) - San Diego - CA - USA - Mars 2006 Abstract: The TRIVOREX® powder is a polyvalent neutralizer and absorbent for chemical spreading in industries and treatment of waste at hospitals. The TRIVOREX® powder is a white-yellow powder including colored pH indicators. It can neutralizes both acids and bases and absorbs both aqueous and lipophilic solutions. It is non flammable and does not contain VOCs. None of its components are toxic, suspected cancer agent or sensitizers. The TRIVOREX® powder is not irritant to the eye and the skin. Its residue with acid, base or oxidizer is also non irritant. Ecotoxicological test has been performed: ecotoxicity on Eisenia fetida, Microtoxicity on photobacterieum phosphoreum and aquatic toxicity on Daphnia Magna and Selenastrum capricornutum. No ecotoxicological effects were observed. In vitro tests have been performed in order to show its efficacy. It has been tested on 20 ml of standard corrosives and irritant at different concentrations. The capacity of the TRIVOREX® powder was recorded based on the amount needed for absorption, neutralization and on the gelification/absorption time. Physical parameters such as increase of temperature or gas emission were also recorded. We report here the results obtained on about 30 products, including acids, bases, oils and solvents at our laboratory and reports obtained from its use or test in industry and hospital. Concentrated acids or bases such as hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid or soda and ammonia were tested. Gelification and solidification was observed for most of the products respectively within an average of 40 or 90 seconds. The average of absorption amount was 28 g of the TRIVOREX® powder. Water was added to complete neutralization in case of concentrated corrosives. Based on these results, the TRIVOREX® powder appeared to be polyvalent and then a good alternative to deal with spreading of chemicals in industries and treatment of hospital wastes.

Poster of the TRIVOREX® powder