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Occupational Medecine

The Occupational Health Nurse and risk assessment

Risk assessment for chemicals is a prerequisite to any risk prevention programme in general. It should lead to the construction of preventive actions plan in the Occupational Health Nurse’s project approach.

Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) and chemicals

Since the creation of the Inter University Diploma Course « DIUST » in 1994 in France followed by a license in occupational health, legislation as well as the OHN's role keeps evolving.

Carcinogens: Different classifications

Three main lists of internationally recognized carcinogens exist: those of IARC, of the ACGIH and of the European Union (CLP). It becomes thus difficult to find one's way as a novice!

Endocrine disruptors

The endocrine system plays an essential part in the maintenance of the biological equilibriums that are necessary for life.