DIPHOTERINE® solution MINI-DAP spray

MINI DAP of Diphoterine® solution in use

Advantages of the Diphoterine® solution MINI DAP


  • Light and small dimensions.
  • Easy and ready to use.
  • Permits a quick action.
  • A soft and micronised spray that wets a lot to permit
    a rinsing without trauma and a perfect distribution of the solution.
  • Sterile solution.
  • Easy control of the rinsing efficiency : complete and sole use.
  • Does not require a specific installation and maintenance.
  • In conformity with EN 15454-2.
  • EC certification.


Supplier PREVOR
Moulin de Verville
95760 Valmondois
Sizes Height : 235 mm
Diameter : 50 mm
Capacity 200 ml
Weight 290g
Propellant Nitrogen
Shelf-life 2 years
Content DIPHOTERINE® solution
Use Hand and forearm, face, thigh ...
Delay to interfere 1 minute maximum