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Immediate use in all circumstances

Only Class 2a medical devices or higher are designed to be used on damaged eyes or skin.

The clinical and toxicological studies of Diphoterine® solution allowed this classification to be obtained. In case of a splash, you can use Diphoterine® solution without having to check whether the eye or skin is still in good condition, saving precious time for first aid and guaranteeing effectiveness. Diphoterine® solution can be used by anyone at any time.

How does it work?

The physical and chemical properties of Diphoterine® solution allow mobile packaging for rinsing in the event of chemical splash on humans in any situation.

Four characteristics give it its activity on chemical splashes:

  • Diphoterine® solution is versatile
  • Diphoterine® solution is liquid
  • Diphoterine® solution limits the chemical’s penetration
  • Diphoterine® solution stops the chemical’s aggressiveness