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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about HEXAFLURINE® solution

Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions about the HEXAFLUORINE® solution.

The DIPHOTERINE® solution has a reduced activity on hydrofluoric acid. PREVOR laboratories created the HEXAFLUORINE® solution a specific solution against fluoride acid solutions.

Chemical products that can provoke an accident are diversified (type of products, concentrations). In the emergency, we do not always know the exact nature of the aggressor. It must be instituted a simple rule which permits to be sure of the results in any case. This is the reason why all the contents must be used within the intervention time recommended by Prevor. This also enables not to have half-full containers which dose to decontaminate the next splash may be not sufficient. {slilder 3 – Does the DIPHOTERINE® or the HEXAFLUORINE® solutions freeze?} The DIPHOTERINE® and HEXAFLUORINE® solutions are aqueous solutions which freeze at a temperature of -1°C. Nevertheless, when the solutions thaw out, they regain all their properties.

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