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Pictographs in the workplace

The new European reglementation CLP (Classification Labelling Packaging) 1272/2008 integrates the GHS system in Europe, and with it, new pictographs representing chemical hazards.

Are we prepared?

Are we ready for events involving chemicals that would be capable of decimating a population?

Carcinogens: Different classifications

Three main lists of internationally recognized carcinogens exist: those of IARC, of the ACGIH and of the European Union (CLP). It becomes thus difficult to find one?s way as a novice!

Recent developments in nanotoxicology

According to the International Organization for Standardization's a nano-object is a material having one, two, or three external dimensions in the size-range from approximately 1-100 nanometers (nm).

Endocrine disruptors

The endocrine system plays an essential part in the maintenance of the biological equilibriums that are necessary for life.