Diphoterine® solution eyewashes - ocular washing of chemical injuries

In case of ocular chemical splash of a corrosive or irritant product, rinsing with the DIPHOTERINE® solution as soon as possible is crucial.

Available as wall-mounted stations or portable eyewashes, eyewashes must be installed in a place so close to the potential splash hazard that they can be triggered in the first minute following an accident.

Sterilized Individual EyeWash of Diphoterine® solution

  • The SIEW (for Sterilized Individual EyeWash) was specially intended for mobile staff units who can't have fixed equipment at their disposal.

  • The SIEW must be individually worn by staff in order to allow its use within the 10 first seconds after splash.

    SIEW product characteristics

DIPHOTERINE® solution wall-mounted station

  • The DIPHOTERINE® solution wall-mounted station LMDAS is a fixed and central rinsing spot that allows rinsing of body areas such as the face. It includes 2 LPMD DIPHOTERINE® solution bottles, 1 AFTERWASHII® solution bottle and 1 MINI Dap spray.

  • LMPE.DAS product characteristics

  • Also exists in an antifreeze version
    LMPEGF.DAS product characteristics

DIPHOTERINE® solution portable eyewash 

  • The LPM DIPHOTERINE® solution portable eyewash is a 500 ml packaging which allows to perform ocular rinsing within the first minute following the accident. It may be installed next to a hazardous workstation or carried around in staff toolboxes.

  • LPM product characteristics

LMPE.DAS can be installed in the following conditions

  • In laboratories,
  • In factories, next to hazardous workstations,
  • In storage premises,
  • Next to stripping baths,
  • Carried around by maintenance staff, in non hazardous areas,
  • In first-aid rooms, in order to perform additional rinsing, in case of late use on the accident scene…

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