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Rinsing instructions of chemical burns with DIPHOTERINE® and HEXAFLUORINE® solutions

Product rang of rinsing solution : diphoterine solution and hexafluorine solution

Tips on DIPHOTERINE® and HEXAFLUORINE® solutions use

Never delay the rinsing of the chemical splash

The washing must start as soon as possible after the chemical splash. This factor is of prime importance to avoid any after-effects. A short time of contact will prevent penetration of the product through the tissue and formation of the injury. Time of contact between the product and the tissues must be the shortest possible.

Locate the decontamination system close to the risky places or at the disposal of the mobile staff.

In order to start the washing as soon as possible, decontamination systems should be located the closest from workplaces at risk. Our experts can travel to study with you the setting up of the Prevor products in your plant. Containers adapted to mobile workers have been developed: portable 50 ml eyewashes and 100 ml sprays.

Make the material accessible and the place known by exposed workers

If the length of reaction of the persons or the first responders is delayed for several reasons, the quantity of DIPHOTERINE® solution or HEXAFLUORINE® solution that is necessary to decontaminate will be more important than the quantity available in the individual products because it is necessary to extend the rinsing (3 to 5 times the length of contact with the aggressive chemical)

Prevent bigger accidents

It is recommended to have one or several stations with a more important rinsing capacity, like the Mural or Portable Eyewash (500 ml) for the eyes or a DAP (5l) for the body.

Undress the victim of a body splash.

The person has a risk of maceration if he/she keeps a contaminated clothes that multiplies the caustic effect of the product, extends dangerously the length of contact and hampers the action of DIPHOTERINE® or HEXAFLUORINE® solutions.

The rinsing has to be automatic, a training must be set up in the company

Prevor has created a training module to meet this specific need in order to be sure that in case of emergency, the victim or the first aider will proceed to the right first aid measures without any hesitation.

The pain relief does not indicate the end of the rinsing. Indeed a non sufficient rinsing can leave a small part of the chemical product that will be sufficient to create a delayed inflammation 24 or 48h later.

DIPHOTERINE® or HEXAFLUORINE® solutions have to be used entirely and in the intervention delay that is recommended.

Use of water as a first rinsing before DIPHOTERINE® solution is not recommended.

Water removes the chemical product on the surface but its hypotonic criterion facilitates the penetration of dangerous residues. More DIPHOTERINE® solution will be necessary afterwards to extract the product inside the tissue and the efficiency of the rinsing with DIPHOTERINE® solution will risk to be decreased entailing thus risks of secondary effects.

Continue ocular washing with AFTERWASH II® solution

In case of a splash in the eye, the treatment with DIPHOTERINE® solution can entail a light and temporary dryness sensation in the eye. A secondary rinsing with the washing solution from Prevor will give a comfort sensation by reestablishing the physiological balance of the eye.

Seek Medical advice in any case.

Always seek medical advice even when the pain has faded.