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Reduces severity

Water does not effectively cleanse a chemical burn attacking sensitive areas of the human body. Action must be taken to limit the consequences.

Thanks to its activity, which allows a chemical to be rinsed off quickly, Diphoterine® solution decreases the severity compared to rinsing with water. Diphoterine® solution is effective for corrosive chemicals because it quickly removes the chemical agent than for other chemicals where it provides more time for response.

How does it work?

The physical and chemical properties of Diphoterine® solution allow mobile packaging for rinsing in the event of chemical splash on humans in any situation.

Four characteristics give it its activity on chemical splashes:

  • Diphoterine® solution is versatile
  • Diphoterine® solution is liquid
  • Diphoterine® solution limits the chemical’s penetration
  • Diphoterine® solution stops the chemical’s aggressiveness