Diphoterine® solution - emergency treatment for chemical injuries


In response to the mechanism of chemical burns, an efficient decontamination requires:


  • to remove the chemical from the surface to prevent further penetration
  • to stop polyvalently the six kinds of aggressive chemical reactions
  • to be able to stop the penetration of the aggressive product into the tissues.


1- Like the usual rinsing solutions, The DIPHOTERINE® solution is a liquid and therefore meets the need of rinsing the surface.


2- The DIPHOTERINE® solution contains a chelating and amphoteric molecule with at least one site able to stop the six kinds of possible reactions (acid, base, oxidation, reduction, solvatation, chelation).


Polyvalence is a crucial advantage of the DIPHOTERINE® solution.





3- The DIPHOTERINE® solution is hypertonic which allows to attract towards the outside the chemical that has yet penetrated into the tissues.


The combination of these three properties allows the DIPHOTERINE® solution to prevent any possible sequelae resulting from this kind of accident because it decontaminates the chemical splash completely, inside and outside the tissues, in a polyvalent way.


The DIPHOTERINE® solution is guaranteed to be phosphate-free.


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