Webinar – Users

The objective of the Diphoterine® solution training is to raise awareness and educate anyone concerned with chemical risk in your company on the use of our solution.

Thanks to this training, your personnel will be able to avoid difficulties related to a chemical accident such as panic or handling of the victim, and to correctly manage the accident victim using one or more containers of our Diphoterine® solution.

Your staff will be equipped with the skills to deal with chemical contamination of individuals within your company.

Course outline / content :

  • Chemical accident and its consequences
  • Definition and understanding of the development of chemical lesion
  • Collective and individual protective equipment (PPE)
  • Water and chemical accidents
  • The Diphoterine® solution, its mechanism, its packaging and its protocol of use
  • Delayed washing
  • Adaptation to your company’s risks


  • Only one training session is needed to correctly manage a chemical accident
  • Adapted to any person confronted with chemical risks, whatever their initial training
  • Adapted to newcomers in your company
  • Adapted to your company’s risks
  • Free training on site or online


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