Webinar – Discovery


We offer you an overview of the development of a chemical lesion and the different first aid measures to avoid injuries due to contamination.

In 1.5 hours, we offer you the opportunity to understand what a chemical lesion is and the different first aid measures after a contamination by dangerous chemicals.

Are you responsible for the health and safety of your employees? Do your employees handle dangerous substances?

Would you like to learn more about the risks associated with hazardous substances and first aid measures in the event of chemical contamination?

Then this seminar is for you!


  • Understand the mechanism of a chemical lesion to highlight the importance of rapid first aid action
  • Introduce the normative reference for safety showers: the EN 15154 standard
  • Discover DIPHOTERINE® solution: a simple solution for washing away corrosive or irritating chemical contamination on the skin or eye

Webinar outline:

  1. Chemical risk: chemicals, hazardous activities and protective measures
  2. Mechanism of a chemical lesion: do all chemicals react in the same way with our tissues?
  3. First aid in case of eye or skin contamination: objectives & aggravating factors
  4. Principles and compliance with the standard for emergency safety showers 15154
  5. The DIPHOTERINE® solution: operation and benefits
  6. Testimony of a professional in the sector


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