Emergency practitioners and first aid responders

As first aid responders, paramedics, burn and health practitioners, you are part of the emergency chain when it comes to care a victim of a chemical accident


To this end, the PREVOR Toxicology and Chemical Risk Management Laboratory offers training tailored to the actors of the emergency chain, enabling them to

  • understand the mechanism of chemical injury, to improve prevention and reduce the frequency of chemical accidents
  • act in the event of eye or skin contact with a chemical aggressor, to reduce the severity of the consequences.


The 3 main themes covered by this training course are :


1. Chemical products:

  • Which products can cause a chemical burn?
  • What are the differences between corrosives and irritants?

2. Chemical burn:

  • Understand the creation process
  • Understand its 5 aggravating factors

3. Dealing with chemical contamination:

  • What to do in the event of eye or skin contact?
  • Decontamination solutions

So that a chemical accident remains an incident, contact our teams!