Pictographs in the workplace

The new European reglementation CLP (Classification Labelling Packaging) 1272/2008 integrates the GHS system in Europe, and with it, new pictographs representing chemical hazards.

Therefore, now is the best time to provide information concerning this product labelling change and to modify your safety information.

We propose, in addition to the new pictograms, a database of all pictogram categories: mandatory action, hazard alerting, prohibition, emergency escape/rescue.

The “JPEG” Format will be useful for you for the creation of computerized images (Web site update, slide shows etc…)

The format “EPS” will enable you to have quality paper impressions of.

Pictographs concerning fire fighting material or equipment

Mandatory action pictographs

Chemical risk pictographs (old)

Emergency escape and firs aid pictographs

Hazard alerting pictographs