Chemical Skin Injury

Chemical Skin Injury

Table of Contents

  • Preface

  • Sommaire

  • 1 History of Chemical Burns and Scope of the Problem

    Patrice Josset and Alan H. Hall

  • 2 Histology and Immunology of the Skin

    Patrice Josset, Valquiria Bueno and Osvaldo Sant'Anna

  • 3 Molecular Dimension of Chemical Skin Aggressors: From Chemistry to Predictive Toxicology. Which Chemicals? Which Chemical Reactions?

    François Burgher, Laurence Mathieu and Joël Blomet

  • 4 Damaged Skin

    François Burgher, Laurence Mathieu, Joël Blomet, Sarah J. Gilpin, Howard I. Maibach, Aziza Whaby, Alan H. Hall, Maral Rhavar, Xiaoying Hui, Denise Jacquemin, Maurizio Cavallini, Carlos Alberto Yoshimura and Heidi P. Chan

  • 5 Practical Aspects of Skin Chemical Exposure and Management

    François Burgher, Carlos Alberto Yoshimura, Pierre Grasha and Lucien Bodson

  • Index