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Reduces maintenance and installation costs

By definition, safety showers are rarely used, only when an accident occurs. Scale and rust damage the pipe network. Over time, if the showers are not used, they become unusable. This lack of activity can also cause water stagnation. The risk of bacterial contamination increases. To avoid this phenomenon, the standards recommend operating the showers every week, involving surveillance and often wetting the entire environment.

Diphoterine® solution, manufactured and packaged in a sterile environment, only needs to be serviced every two years. It is independent to a shower network; there is no need to connect and maintain it.

How does it work?

The physical and chemical properties of Diphoterine® solution allow mobile packaging for rinsing in the event of chemical splash on humans in any situation.

Four characteristics give it its activity on chemical splashes:

  • Diphoterine® solution is versatile
  • Diphoterine® solution is liquid
  • Diphoterine® solution limits the chemical’s penetration
  • Diphoterine® solution stops the chemical’s aggressiveness