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Focus on DIPHOTERINE® solution aerosols and sprays - cutaneous decontamination of chemical burns

Diphotérine® sprays


What are they?


100ml aerosol sprays (called MICRO DAP) or 200 ml aerosol sprays (called MINI DAP), both of which contain the DIPHOTERINE® solution.
Sterilised DIPHOTERINE® solution is stored in an pouch separate from the gas propellant.


Specification sheet for MICRO DAP.
Specification sheet for MINI DAP.




What is their purpose?


The DIPHOTERINE® solution aerosol sprays s are used to wash small chemical splashes , regardless of the chemical involved *.
A 100ml aerosol spray is sufficient to wash the body surface area equal to that of one hand.
A 200 ml aerosol spray is sufficient to wash the surface area equal to an arm or a face.
They are to be used first, within one minute after the splash.


*: Except for hydrofluoric acid splashes: in these cases use a HEXAFLUORINE® solution DAP.


How should they be used?


For optimal effectiveness, an aerosol must be used within the first minute after the splash, respecting both the PREVOR protocol and the area of the body for which it is recommended.
Just remove the cap and press once on the button. When there is no more pressure, the flow of the DIPHOTERINE® solution stops.
For optimal washing, the entire contents of the container must be used on the area of the body contaminated by the chemical.


Where are they to be stored?

Places where you can store the aerosols

The aerosols must be stored in any area where the risk due to small chemical projections exists:


  • On the lab table or counter top where the laboratory technicians do experiments, possibly under the ventilator;
  • At the work stations of machine workers;
  • Near maintenance areas, in the non hazardous zones accessible to workers within less than one minute,
  • In an eyewash station, which should be well identified.

For mobile personnel who cannot have access to a fixed washing station, a carrying case exists which can hold an 100 ml aerosol and can be worn on a belt


Sprays may also be kept in the infirmary.


New: tamper-proof caps.


mini-dap Diphoterine®
micro-dap Diphoterine®
Diphoterine® caps



PREVOR has replaced its old model by a new more secure system : a transparent cap, allowing one to see if the button is correctly installed. A label seals the cap to the canister, which means that one can immediately see if the container has already been used. : if the label is torn, the aerosol spray must not be used.
Some clients have already used these new caps and the feedback is positive. This shows that the user’s expectations are being met.!


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