The use of the DIPHOTERINE® solution at Solev

"No injury was noticed, and no day lost from work was necessary"

46600 MARTEL

Martel, February 23rd 1994

Our ref : GL / MG / 3579

For the attention of Mr Joël BLOMET

Dear Sirs,

Following our last phone conversation dated February 2nd, please find here joined the report about the accident that occurred to Mr Philippe J., employed by the company SOLEV at MARTEL :

"Mr Philippe J. was preparing a solution based on acrylic varnish when a drop of this product was splashed in his left eye (he forgot to wear his protective glasses).

As there was a Mini-DAP in the work shop, his colleague could use it to rinse his eye.

Mr Philippe J. went to seek an ophthalmologist advice afterward. No injury was noticed, and no day lost from work was necessary. His eye was irritated during 2 days, then everything was OK."

We hope that this case reported will help you in the research of efficient products.

Very best Regards,

Gérard Lacroix
Safety Responsible
CHSCT Secretary