The use of the DIPHOTERINE® solution in MEWA - (English Translation)

"After using the PREVIN solution, he was able to go back to work without problem."

Postfach 1310
63085 RODGAU

Prevor GmbH
Frau Matamoros
Gereonshof 2A
50670 KÖLN

Dear Mrs Matamoros,

We are very pleased with the results of your sprays of PREVIN solution.

During a repairing work on a caustic soda pump, a worker was splashed with 50% caustic soda on his forearm. He immediately sprayed the splashed skin area with PREVIN solution, which he always carry on for such kind of work. After that, he was able to go back to work without problem.

Yours faithfully,

MEWA Textil-Mietservice
Rodgau GmbH
Erika Schlemmer