"ENS Lyon is equipped with washing products of the DIPHOTERINE® solution"

46 allée d’Italie
69364 LYON Cedex 07

Lyon, September 21st, 1993

Subject: Use of the DIPHOTERINE® solution as washing solution after chemical burns.

Dear Sir,

The biological laboratory of ENS Lyon is a laboratory of fundamental research in which a lot of chemical products are manipulated in quite limited quantities. Due to this fact, the number of incidents caused by manipulation of chemical products is low. Nevertheless, the origin and the activity of the laboratory personnel (a hundred persons) is multiple (researchers-teachers, researchers of national organisms, technicians, people preparing a thesis, trainees, students) and changing which increases the risk of accidents.

For more than one year, the cellular and molecular biological laboratory of ENS Lyon is equipped with washing products of the DIPHOTERINE® solution (DAP, sprays and eyewash) and the conclusion of their use is very satisfactory. The presentation of the product in different packagings immediately functional and which do not need a particular infrastructure makes it always accessible. More particularly, the eyewashes only need a quarterly change (ratified shelf life of the product) and the portable shower can be installed in the corridor as an extinguisher, contrary to the classical showers which have a tendency not to be functional because of clutter of the watered area.

At last, the immediate use of the product in eyewash conditioning and the cutaneous spray in case of burn at the face with Phenol ended as a simple 1st degree burn with no scares. The simplicity of use of the product enabled an immediate intervention of the work colleagues.

Yours faithfully,

Dr D. Gerlier,
Dr at CNRS
ACMO Hygiene an dSecurity.