Translation of the letter of Dr Moorthi

Dr Moorthi, Occupational Doctor in Alcan (Göttingen)
Head of the Surgical department of the Neu-Mariahilf hospital

"I can state that without the use of PREVIN solution, this accident would have given serious after-effects, as well as several weeks lost from work."

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

I am pleased to send you this letter concerning my experience as an occupational doctor for Alcan Deutschland (Göttingen factory) with PREVOR products.

As producer of aluminium products, in Alcan factory we make surface treatment of aluminium sections. These aluminium sections must first be cleaned and degreased. For this purpose we use different acids and alkalis. That is why we have installed safety stations filled with PREVIN solution (the commercial name of in German spoken countries) or Anti-flußsaüre Lösung ().These products are available in Eyewashes and in Autonomous Portable Showers (DAP).

I can state that to this day, we only had very good experience with PREVIN solution (DIPHOTERINE® solution) and HEXAFLUORINE® solution.

I would like to describe you one accident :

To clean the tanks, we use 25% caustic soda at 65°C. A worker wanted to repair the non-watertight valve of a machine, but the valve stayed in his hands. Due to the shock, he lost his safety eyeshade. He had a caustic soda splash in both eyes, the face and the chest.

Within less than 2 minutes, the responsible nurse washed him with PREVIN solution (DIPHOTERINE® solution) in the eyes, the face and the chest. He used Portable Eyewashes and 4 500ml bottles of PREVIN solution.

Following the first-aid evaluation, the injured was sent to Göttingen hospital in ambulance. Quite no after-effects due the caustic soda contamination were left. Today, the worker has a completely normal eyesight, and there are neither after-effects nor scars on the face and the chest. The worker was able to work normally after 10 days.

I can state that without the use of PREVIN solution, this accident would have given serious after-effects, as well as several weeks lost from work.

Two years later, the same worker was splashed again with 25% caustic soda on the skin, and washed himself immediately with PREVIN solution. The occupational doctor did not notice any after-effects, and the worker was able to work normally on the following day.

The Anti-Flußsaüre Lösung (HEXAFLUORINE® solution)

We also have injuries due to hydrofluoric acid in our factory. Until now, the consequences of these accidents had always been terrible. Recently, two workers that had been splashed with 5% hydrofluoric acid were rinsed with HEXAFLUORINE® solution. As the solution is available in Autonomous Portable Showers (DAP), installed closed to the hydrofluoric acid tank, the workers were able to rinse themselves immediately with this solution. Following the medical examination in Göttingen hospital, none of the doctors did notice any injury or after-effect. Both workers went back to the hospital on the next day for a mere control, and were able to work normally afterward.

We are satisfied by the good results obtained after these accidents, and we will continue to use HEXAFLUORINE® and PREVIN solutions.

Yours faithfully,

Dr K. Moorthi
Medical doctor,
Occupational Doctor Alcan Deutschland

Göttingen factory