"The systematic use of the DIPHOTERINE® solution is fully satisfactory"

Letter from Dr D. SANSON from Occupational Doctor at COGEMA

Marcoule, on December 8th, 1992

Subject : Use of the DIPHOTERINE® solution

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to attach to this letter two "protocols of study on the aid against chemical splashes" after two recent accidents.

Moreover, the procedure being a bit long, these forms have not been filled in after the use of the DIPHOTERINE® solution, due to a forgetting, between February and December 1992, period during which 11 accidents occurred implicating chemical splashes. The after event summary statement has nevertheless been done, see the table attached. The systematic use of the DIPHOTERINE® solution is fully satisfactory and its use is normal practice, apparently, but you'd rather judge by yourself…

For the record, other thermal burn cases occurred (hot oil splash on the face and a hand of our of our cooks) and the first aid team on the spot (without trying and understand) used the DIPHOTERINE® solution on the first degree lesions : the state of the person has immediately improved ! Probably due to the water-like effect. At the occupational service, we used Water-Jel® dressings before the application of Biafine. Everything went well… at the end.

Yours sincerely,