The use of the DIPHOTERINE® solution at La Quinoleine

"2 workers splashed from the head to the toes with 98% sulphuric acid : no loss of work"

LA QUINOLEINE et ses dérivés SA
Oissel, France Plant

February 12th 1993

Occupational Doctor : Doctor Françoise BOURLON
Occupational Nurse : Noëlle LOISY

Dear Sir,

We confirm you our complete satisfaction with your product : the DIPHOTERINE® solution.

We had two employees splashed from head to toes with 98% sulphuric acid during the dismantling of a pipe.

They were especially burnt on the face, the neck, the shoulders, and the legs for one of them.

They were immediately undressed, and rinsed with the DIPHOTERINE® solution. They were sent to hospital to seek medical advice, but came back the same day, and did not have any days lost from work.

Also, during the unloading of a truck that carried sulphuric acid, the driver was spattered with this acid because of a flexible breaking.

The face and the eyelids were burnt.

He was immediately rinsed with the DIPHOTERINE® solution.

He stayed in the infirmary during two hours as a precaution. After this delay he was able to drive again.

Best regards,