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Please read attentively the following Terms of Utilisation, which apply to each visitor of the site. If you decide to use this site, you implicitly accept to observe these Terms.

Prevor Company reserves the right to complete, modify or delete – at any time and without prior notice – the information contained in the present warning. The present warning constitutes no contractual or other link between Prevor Company and the visitors of the site or their respective eligible claimants.

  1. General Information

    Please note that the information appearing on this site does not constitute a medical opinion. Prevor Company provides this intelligence exclusively for informational purposes. Its objective is not to replace consultations, treatments or recommendations provided by health professionals. Please follow your doctor’s advice and that of other health professionals that you may consult in the framework of the processing of your requests or needs concerning health matters.

  2. Information specific to a given country

    On its website, Prevor Company gives information on its international and regional activities, which may not be valid for all types of visitors throughout the world. For instance, the brands used for certain products may vary from one country to the next. Moreover, in certain countries, it’s possible that the competent authorities may authorise the sale of certain products with certain restrictions regarding notably dosage and prescriptions. Should PREVOR® products, programs and services mentioned on this site not be available in your country, the fact that they be referred to on the site does not mean that Prevor Company intends to commercialise them or offer these services in your country. Please consult your local Prevor Company contract in order to obtain supplementary information concerning the availability of our products in your country.

    Moreover, countries could have laws, regulations and practises which are different than those applied in France and they require references to different or complementary information. Due to the variability of these laws, regulations and medical practices, the information intended to be used in a particular country might not be adapted to usage in another country. This is why the information provided on this website might not be appropriate to persons residing outside of France.

  3. National Commission on Computer Technology and Freedoms (CNIL)

    In conformity with Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January relative to computer technology (Law on Computer Technology and Freedoms), we hereby inform you that a declaration for automatic nominative information processing has been made to the National Commission on Computer Technology and Freedoms (CNIL - acknowledgement of receipt No. 1364269).

    Information registered on the site is either non personalised data on the pages visited, or information voluntarily provided by the visitor upon sending an e-mail. This information is strictly reserved for internal usage. Data concerning visitor connections to the site are processed in a non-nominal way for statistical purposes. The duration of conservation of this data is one (1) year.

    En aucun cas, la cession ou la mise à disposition à des tiers, à des fins commerciales, de votre adresse ou de vos coordonnées ne pourra être opérée sans que vous ne soyez préalablement mis en mesure de vous y opposer.

    Transferring your address or your particulars to Third Parties for commercial purposes – or making them available to Third Parties for commercial purposes – cannot be conducted without you being beforehand in a position to oppose such transfer or such availability of information.

    In conformity with the Law on Computer Technology and Freedoms, you dispose of a right to access, to modify, to rectify and to delete data concerning yourself. In order to exercise this right, you may:

    • request that such information be deleted by sending an e-mail to the webmaster. You may do so by clicking on the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. link
    • or write by the post to PREVOR, Moulin de Verville – 95760 VALMONDOIS.

  4. Legal Provisions

    Site of activities of Prevor Company in France PREVOR, a Limited Company with a capital of 312,520.48€, inscribed in the Pontoise Trade and Business Registry (RCS) under Number 71B131 and whose Registered Office is located at Moulin de Verville – 95760 Valmondois, France. SIRET (Computer system for businesses in France) No. : 718 201 312 00011 Tel : Webmaster : Bruno UKOBIZABA

  5. Hypertext links

    Concerned about facilitating access to other sites likely to bring complementary information, Prevor Company has placed a certain number of links on its site. However, some of these links lead to data situated on servers operated by Third Parties over which Prevor Company has no control whatsoever. Prevor Company may in no way be held liable for the nature and/or the contents of such sites referenced, or for the consequences of the utilisation thereof.

  6. Guarantee - Liability

    Prevor Company shall make all necessary efforts to keep the site updated. Nevertheless, it guarantees neither the exactitude, nor the exhaustive nature of information presented on this site, whatever such information may be. Except for direct damages resulting from deliberate or serious negligence by Prevor Company, the latter may in no way be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, be they serious or not, which may result from you visiting this website, or which may be associated to such visit, notably and without this being restrictive, from any loss of profits, interruption of activity and loss of software or of data.

  7. Utilisation of cookies

    Prevor Company may be brought to use a system of “cookies". The cookie does not enable it to identify you, but in a general way to collect information during your passage on our site. This would enable it to know which are the parts of the site that interest you. Prevor Company may then have better knowledge of your centres of interest and communicate to you information adapted to your needs.

    These "cookies" will also avoid you from having, each time, to provide information which you have already communicated to us, to the extent that they would recall that you have communicated this information on a previous date.

    You have the possibility of detecting the existence of these "cookies" and, should you wish, of deleting them. You have the possibility of opposing the recording of cookies by deactivating this function of your navigator in the latter’s preferences.

  8. Intellectual property

    This site comes under the French legislation on copywrites and intellectual property. As such, the information provided on this site can only be used for strictly personal purposes. Any utilisation carried out for commercial purposes or for any other purposes is purely and simply forbidden.

    All rights of reproduction are reserved, including iconographic and photographic reproductions. The brands mentioned on this site are registered or not by companies which are the owners thereof. As such, any reproduction and/or representation and/or redistribution, entirely or partially, on any electronic or other media, present or future, are prohibited unless it is done with the express and prior authorisation of the owner. Non-respect of this authorisation is susceptible to constitute an act of counterfeiting, engaging the civil and criminal liability of any offender.

  9. Jurisdictional competence and applicable law

    The present Terms of Utilisation are governed by French law. Any difficulty concerning interpretation or execution shall be the exclusive competence of the courts entertaining jurisdiction in the location of Prevor Company’s Registered Office.

    Should all or part of the provisions of the present Terms of Utilisation be declared null and void following a legal or statutory measure, or following a court decision which has become definite, the other provisions shall not be considered null and void, nor shall the part of that provision not concerned by said measure or decision.

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